Innovative Healthcare IT Solutions

Successful healthcare data migration ensures that accurate, timely and high-quality medical data become the foundation for the digital healthcare enterprise. Clean digital data will drive continuity of care for patients through your providers' access to accurate clinically relevant healthcare information.

Secant Healthcare's knowledgeable experts and industry-leading DICOM data migration technologies are ready to help you realize faster return on investment (ROI) for your healthcare IT investments in PACS, RIS, CVIS, CPOE, and EMR/EHR.

Secant Healthcare delivers an innovative healthcare data migration experience. Our PMP-certified project managers use customized Data Endurance™ and Data Certainty™ applications to fit your company's DICOM data migration needs.

  • Data Endurance™ provides a realistic and accurate view into the current state of legacy data and facilitates both the planning and resolution of data inconsistencies, with the ultimate goal of promoting continuity of patient care.
  • Data Certainty™ is a fully compliant DICOM and HL7 data migration approach offering solutions for PACS data cleansing, DICOM data reconciliation, and intuitive quality assurance (QA) tools with audit capabilities.
  • Matrix-Oracle™ is vendor neutral tool that interrogates systems to facilitate the Data Endurance™ analysis of the data that currently resides on legacy systems and facilitates data migration planning.

Secant Healthcare's data migration solutions are based on healthcare industry IT standards and rooted in real-world experience. Supplemented with in-depth knowledge of vendor offerings, gained from years of working both for and with vendors, Secant Healthcare delivers jaw-dropping data migration speeds, robust IT implementations, and truly integrated DICOM data systems.
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Secant Healthcare's seasoned professionals have years of experience in data migration, healthcare, and digital imaging and information systems technologies. Secant Healthcare has translated Lean Six-Sigma use in manufacturing to healthcare operations, highlighting efficient workflow and quality performance metrics. This solid experience in healthcare IT deployment, support and optimization uniquely qualifies Secant Healthcare's experts to manage your healthcare IT and technology procurements, deployments, optimization and planning. learn more >>