Secant Healthcare is an innovative software and services company that helps healthcare organizations accelerate value creation, manage for operational efficiency, and grow profitably. Secant provides significant value to our clients through strategic use of information technology. For hospitals, medical centers, physician groups, and physician's offices, our projects bring much-needed clarity and deliver improved business outcomes.

Secant Healthcare's seasoned professionals have years of experience in data migration, healthcare, and digital imaging and information systems technologies. Secant has translated Lean Six-Sigma use in manufacturing to highlight workflow and performance metrics. Years of healthcare IT deployment, support and optimization uniquely qualify Secant to manage your IT and technology procurements, deployments, optimization and planning.

Secant's deep healthcare expertise, proven technologies, and strong project methodology are reflected in the unique intellectual property utilized. Secant's experts have rapid and easy access to on-demand workspaces and a wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years from prior engagements and industry best practices. Our technical skill sets are diverse and wide-ranging, spanning digital imaging, networking, IT infrastructure, healthcare informatics and database technologies. These skills in conjunction with healthcare delivery knowledge as former industry provider leadership, hospital department directors, medical technologists and active healthcare innovators give Secant a unique set of tools to provide the best solutions for Secant's clients.

Secant combines leadership with digital imaging expertise and superior intellectual property to deliver guaranteed results.